Auckland, New Zealand


‘Lockdown self-tasking’: The NZ Government developed the COVID-19 alert system we are all familiar with. I decided to turn this information and advice contained within the alerts into a more visual and memorable format as I believe that turning words into graphics is a powerful means to increase the probability that the community will engage with, understand and retain the

Poster of the coronaroulette project by Noemie Durand

The response

I developed the concept of a spinning roulette which represents the four levels of alert and their meanings. The mechanism is straight forward: we need all the kiwis to move as a collective in the same direction to turn the wheel back toward lower levels of the alert system as soon as possible. In other words, the teamwork within the entire community plays a key part in winning the battle against Covid-19. To illustrate this concept, I developed a system of simple icons, using the existing COVID colour palette. Additionally, I designed four-level alert stamps to identify which level we are currently at and spur people on to keep moving in the right direction. Let’s make the roulette spin back to level 1!

Full Poster of the coronaroulette project
Covid 19 altert levels
Level 1 of the covid alert poster
Level 2 of the covid alert poster
Level 3 of the covid alert poster
Level 4 of the covid alert poster
Kia kaha covid alerts